I’m a 20-something girl who is abnormally happy. I started to wonder what it was about my life that made me so giddy over day-to-day living and found: a tiny apartment, a dog, a cat, a happy marriage, good friends, lots of time outside, literature, and travel. Where was the sizable bank account and the beach house? That’s when I realized I might be so jumping-over-the-moon, exclamation points all around happy because I’m simply grateful for what I do have. Which brings me to the gratitude equation.

365 days of gratitude = 1 year of happiness

That’s the gratitude equation. My goal with this blog is to find one thing each day to be really and truly grateful for, then mull it over, toss it around, ponder it, until I can pinpoint what exactly it is about that one thing/incident/person that makes me so grateful. That’s the hard part. The easy part is sharing it with you, my community of readers. Hopefully you, in turn, will add to our conversation about gratitude, and we can all get happy together.


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