Savoring a cuppa with Lady Mary and Matthew

A cup of hot tea warming my hands as I relive Downton Abbey’s finest moment thus far: Matthew’s marriage proposal to Lady Mary. It’s a cloudy, snowy day here in Montana, but I’m grateful for the excuse to stay curled up in my yoga pants, sipping licorice tea as I let myself be carried away by the romance of Downton.

I’m sure we all have those days in which we welcome a pause from the clanging and clutter of the outside world, and just need to lose ourselves in someone else’s story for a few hours. When an excuse presents itself for me to do so (in this case, a snowstorm), I’ll take it gratefully. Despite what we might tell ourselves, it is not possible to go-go-go day in and day out. So I’m grateful for the chance to let go of my need to control and plan every second of my day, and to instead let the weather dictate my actions–or inactions–for a few hours.

On the television screen, snow falls gently on the couple, and Mary hesitates before accepting Matthew’s proposal. I think back to when my husband proposed to me and my ensuing sheer joy. I take stock of our one-bedroom apartment and look back at the grandiose Downton Abbey in the background of the proposal scene. Mary has accepted now, and Matthew is swinging her around as the snowflakes continue to make their way onto the scene. Sheer joy.

Yes, today I’m grateful for tea and a fictional romance set 100 years ago. I’m grateful because it was the perfect way to remind me that our little apartment is at least as happy a place as the million dollar homes we drive by on our way to the ski hill. That, and because who doesn’t want to spend a day in yoga pants?

What de-stressing methods are you most grateful for? Baking? Reading? I’d love to hear what fills you with gratitude on those snowy days.