Confession time

Confession time. There are days when I’m not feeling overly grateful. For those days, I turn to The List. The List includes all those gratitude-worthy moments I’ve experienced on my super gratitude-filled days. It’s my compilation of oh-no-it’s-10:00pm-and-I-haven’t -felt-any-bursts-of-inspiration-today items. So I pick a topic from The List and write about it. It’s typically a great exercise, as it gets me back on the figurative gratitude horse.

Today was one of those days that I thought I was going to need to cherry pick from that list. And then, a small miracle occurred. At 5:12pm, as I was still working away at the office, one of my coworkers (who works at a separate office location) emailed me and asked if I wanted to go grab a drink. Let me think… YES. Today had been a great day, very successful from my career point of view, but nothing I thought anyone would relate to as far as writing a blog post goes.

So my coworker and I headed over to the brewery. We joked about our days, swapped stories about our husbands, and traded shopping secrets. Somewhere into my second beer I realized that I might just be making a new friend here. I’ve had the same tight-knit group of friends since college, and never felt totally comfortable bringing someone new into our group. But sitting next to me at the bar was this fun, funny, intelligent woman who loved watching The Bachelor as much as my girlfriends.

Which means that you guys are not reading an item from The List today. You’re reading an in-the-moment lightening bolt of gratitude. Gratitude for my friends new and old, and gratitude for the little surprises at the end of a day.

How about you? As the work week is winding down, what are you most grateful for? Oh, and just a heads up to everyone: tomorrow starts a special Irish version of gratitudeequation. I mean, it is St. Patrick’s Day weekend, after all! Tune in tomorrow through Sunday to hear why I owe everything to the most beautiful isle I’ve ever visited.