Top 5 gratitude lessons learned in February

Here we are in the last day of February! Today, I am grateful for this coldest and dreariest of winter months coming to a close. That, and VAWA passing, but we’ll have that conversation at a future date. To end the month on a high note, I’ve compiled the top 5 lessons I’ve learned in my first weeks of this project. Here we go…

5. People bring the happiness in our lives.

It’s not things that we should be grateful for, but people. I probably could have predicted this one prior to starting this blog, but it was a bit surprising to see how few things came up in my posts.

4. Be grateful for challenges.

A few of these posts, especially “Cooking up some love” and “Let’s explore diabetes with owls,” were about how challenges can really make us better people. That is certainly something to be grateful for.

3. Be grateful for the journey.

Let’s revisit “Just the two of us.” In that particular post, I explored how much I want to have kids some day, just not right now. Right now is about Right. Now. And I’m enjoying it immensely. That being said…

2. It’s easier to recognize past reasons for gratitude than current reasons.

Hindsight, they say, is 20/20. When it comes to gratitude, that means it’s much easier to be grateful for things that happened in the past than things that are happening in the present. I’ll make a conscientious effort to move away from too many (I remember when…) posts in the future. It’s time to be grateful for today!

1. When in doubt, look to your dog.

Or other grateful people for that matter. The point is, surround yourself with those who live lives of gratitude and you’ll absorb some of their happiness through pure osmosis. 

So there we have it! Watch out March, there’s a whole lot of gratitude headed your way!